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Here is the list of The Shadow Radio Broadcasts.

September 26,1937 The Death House Rescue

October 03,1937 The Red Macaw

October 10,1937 Danger in the Dark

October 17,1937 Murder by the Dead

October 24,1937 The Temple Bells of Neban

October 31,1937 The Three Ghosts

November 05,1937 Death Rides the Skyway

November 14,1937 Terror Island

November 21,1937 The Ruby of Modoc

November 28,1937 Circle of Death

December 05,1937 The House of Greed

December 12,1937 The Death Triangle

December 19,1937 Cold Death

December 26,1937 The Voice of Death

January 02,1938 The Idol Talks

January 09,1938 The League of Terror

January 16,1938 Sabotage

January 23,1938 The Society of the Living Dead

January 30,1938 The Poison Death

February 06,1938 The Phantom Voice

February 13,1938 The House of Horror

February 20,1938 Hounds in the Hills

February 27,1938 The Plot Murder

March 06,1938 The Bride of Death

March 13,1938 The Silent Avenger

March 20,1938 The White Legion

September 25,1938 Traffic in Death

October 02,1938 The Black Abbot

October 09,1938 Death Stalks the Shadow

October 16,1938 Night Without End

October 23,1938 Gun Island

October 30,1938 The Isle of Fear

November 06,1938 The Shyster Payoff

November 13,1938 Black Rock

November 20,1938 Death Is Blind

November 27,1938 Fountain of Death

December 04,1938 Murder in E Flat

December 11,1938 Murder by Rescue

December 18,1938 Guest of Death

December 25,1938 Give Us this Day

January 01,1939 The Man Who Murdered Time

January 08,1939 Island of the Devil

January 15,1939 Ghosts Can Kill

January 22,1939 The Valley of the Living Dead

January 29,1939 Prelude to Terror

February 05,1939 The Ghost of Captain Bayloe

February 12,1939 Hypnotic Death

February 19,1939 Friend of Darkness

February 26,1939 Horror in Wax

March 05,1939 Sabotage by Air

March 12,1939 Appointment with Death

March 19,1939 Can the Dead Talk?

September 24,1939 Dead Men Talk

October 01,1939 The Night Marauders

October 08,1939 Murder in the Ballpark

October 15,1939 The Village of Doom

October 22,1939 The House of Fun

October 29,1939 Phantom Fingerprints

November 05,1939 Mansion of Madness

November 12,1939 The Inventor of Death

November 19,1939 The Shadow Returns

November 26,1939 The Sandhog Murders

December 03,1939 Death Shows the Way

December 10,1939 The Flight of the Vulture

December 17,1939 Murder Incorporated

December 24,1939 The Stockings Were Hung

December 31,1939 The Cat That Killed

January 07,1940 Murder in the Death House

January 14,1940 Suicide Resort

January 21,1940 The Precipice Called Death

January 28,1940 Murder Host

February 04,1940 The Return of Carnation Charlie

February 11,1940 Death Is an Art

February 18,1940 Coinage of Death

February 25,1940 The Great Submarine Mystery

March 03,1940 Death on the Bridge

March 10,1940 The Laughing Corpse

March 17,1940 Murderer's Vanity

March 24,1940 The Plot That Failed

March 31,1940 Up from the Grave

April 07,1940 Revenge Beyond Death

September 29,1940 Death in a Minor Key

October 06,1940 Ghost Town

October 13,1940 The Isle of the Living Dead

October 20,1940 The Oracle of Death

October 27,1940 The Mark of the Black Widow

November 03,1940 The Creeper

November 10,1940 Carnival of Death

November 17,1940 The House of Horror

November 24,1940 The Green Man

December 01,1940 The Curse of Shiva

December 08,1940 The Voice of Death

December 15,1940 The Killer's Rendezvous

December 22,1940 Joey's Christmas Story

December 29,1940 The Ghost of the Stair

January 05,1941 The Leopard Strikes

January 12,1941 Ghost Building

January 19,1941 The Shadow Challenged

January 26,1941 The Ghost of Caleb Mackenzie

February 02,1941 Nightmare at Gaelsberry

February 09,1941 The Man Who Lived Thrice

February 16,1941 The Phantom Voyage

February 23,1941 The Chess Club Murders

March 02,1941 Death Rides a Broomstick

March 09,1941 Murder Underground

March 16,1941 The Ghost Walks Again

March 23,1941 Death Prowls at Night

March 30,1941 Voodoo

April 06,1941 Murder from the Grave

April 13,1941 Death on the Rails

April 20,1941 The Case of the Dancing Elephant

September 24,1941 The Headsman of the Camerons

October 05,1941 Assignment with Murder

October 12,1941 Dragon's Tongue Murders

October 19,1941 The Hoodoo Ship

October 26,1941 The Devil's Hour

November 02,1941 The Terror by Night

November 09,1941 The Organ Played at Midnight

November 16,1941 The Case of the Three Frightened Policemen

November 23,1941 The Circle of Light

November 30,1941 Beggars of Death

December 07,1941 The Curse of Baldring Heights

December 14,1941 The Undead

December 21,1941 Death Imported

December 28,1941 The Case of the Priceless Pompano

January 04,1942 Death Pulls the Strings

January 11,1942 The Drums of Doom

January 18,1942 The Thing in the Swamp

January 25,1942 Dead Man's Revenge

February 01,1942 The Return of Anatole Chevanic

February 08,1942 Design for Death

February 15,1942 Death Speaks Twice

February 22,1942 Death Gives an Encore

March 01,1942 Dead Men Tell

March 08,1942 Death for a Messenger

March 15,1942 Altar of Death

March 22,1942 Murder Deferred

September 27,1942 The Red Room

October 04,1942 Death Comes to the Magician

October 11,1942 The Master Strikes

October 18,1942 The Riddle of the Endless Cave

October 25,1942 The Mystery of Madman's Deep

November 01,1942 Death Keeps a Deadline

November 08,1942 The Wailing Corpse

November 15,1942 Star of the Orient

November 22,1942 The Lady in Black

November 29,1942 Death from the Sky

December 06,1942 Death Shoots an Arrow

December 13,1942 The Bells Toll Death

December 20,1942 The Case of the Talking Skull

December 27,1942 The Case of the Phantom Werewolf

January 03,1943 The Glowing Death

January 10,1943 The League of Death

January 17,1943 The Case of the Mechanical Monster

January 24,1943 The Eyes of Death

January 31,1943 Secret Weapon

February 07,1943 The Song of Fear

February 14,1943 The Mark of Cain

February 21,1943 The Language of the Dead

February 28,1943 The Touch of Death

March 07,1943 The Man Who Brought Life

March 14,1943 The Crystal Globe

March 21,1943 The Mystery of the "Snake House"

September 26,1943 The Gibbering Things

October 03,1943 The Crystal Globe

October 10,1943 Dolls of Death

October 17,1943 The Weird Sisters

October 24,1943 The Man Who Could Not Die

October 31,1943 The Secret of Valhalla Lodge

November 07,1943 Ship of Doom

November 14,1943 The Phantom of the Skyscraper

November 21,1943 The Secret of the Shadow

November 28,1943 Death at Graveyard Post

December 05,1943 Bubbling Death

December 12,1943 The Race with Death

December 19,1943 Club of Doom

December 26,1943 The Juggernaut

January 02,1944 The Black Serpent

January 09,1944 The Case of the Immortal Beauty

January 16,1944 Death Stalks at Night

January 23,1944 The Red Domino

January 30,1944 The Case of the Avenging Brain

February 06,1944 A Pass to Death

February 13,1944 Flames of Death

February 20,1944 The Hungry Hand

February 27,1944 The Death Ride

March 05,1944 The House Where Madness Dwelt

March 12,1944 Death to the Shadow

March 19,1944 Drums of Doom

March 26,1944 Death in the Tomb

April 02,1944 Death Makes the Headlines

April 09,1944 A Date with Death

April 16,1944 Pattern for Crime

September 24,1944 The Ebony Goddess

October 01,1944 The Sweepstakes Ticket

October 08,1944 Death Pays the Premiums

October 15,1944 The Rocks of Doom

October 22,1944 The Stolen Cab Racket

October 29,1944 Hallowe'en in Vermont

November 05,1944 Murder in the Museum

November 12,1944 Death Goes Fishing

November 19,1944 The Man Who Dreamed Too Much

November 26,1944 The Man Who Wished Death

December 03,1944 The Lizard of Fire

December 10,1944 The Immortal Murderer

December 17,1944 The Ghost on Horseback

December 24,1944 Merry Christmas by the Thousand

December 31,1944 The Phantom Brother

January 07,1945 The Man with the Missing Memory

January 14,1945 The Jekyll and Hyde Murders

January 21,1945 Death Is Dust Around the Corner

January 28,1945 The Invisible Alibi

February 04,1945 Lucifer Has a Plan

February 11,1945 The Face of Death

February 18,1945 The Night Marauders (Originally broadcast October 1, 1939)

February 25,1945 The Disappearing Corpse

March 04,1945 The Mother Goose Bandit

March 11,1945 The Brief Fame of John Copper

March 18,1945 The Case of the Flaming Skull

March 25,1945 The Destroyer

April 01,1945 The Sword of Dengri-la

April 08,1945 The Little Man Who Wasn't There

September 09,1945 The Shadow in Danger

September 16,1945 The Thoughts of Death

September 23,1945 Death in the Darkness

September 30,1945 The Heartbeats of Death

October 07,1945 Blind Man's Folly

October 14,1945 The Murdering Ghost

October 21,1945 Bayou

October 28,1945 I must Never Sleep

November 04,1945 Spotlight on the Duchess

November 11,1945 Spider Boy

November 18,1945 Death Rises out of the Sea

November 25,1945 The Four Giants of Amsterdam

December 02,1945 Murder by Candle Light

December 09,1945 Relax and Murder

December 16,1945 Ship of the Living Dead

December 23,1945 Three Crimes on Christmas Eve

December 30,1945 Back from the Grave

January 06,1946 The Creature That Kills

January 13,1946 Murder in the Carnival

January 20,1946 The Curse of the Cat

January 27,1946 Dream of Death

February 03,1946 Murder with Music

February 10,1946 The Living Dead

February 17,1946 Murder for Money

February 24,1946 The Hiss of Death

March 03,1946 Island of Ancient Death

March 10,1946 The Ghost Without a Face

March 17,1946 Etched with Acid

March 24,1946 The Walking Corpse

March 31,1946 Mind over Murder

April 07,1946 The Ghost Wore a Silver Slipper

April 14,1946 The Unburied Dead

April 21,1946 Gorilla Man

April 28,1946 Dreams of Death

May 05,1946 The White Witchman of Lawaiki

May 12,1946 The Bride Wore Black

May 19,1946 The Touch of Death

May 26,1946 They Kill with a Silver Hatchet

June 02,1946 Death In a Minor Key (Originally broadcast on September 29, 1940)

September 08,1946 Vampires Prowl by Night

September 15,1946 The Killer on High Cliff Road

September 22,1946 Die, Lover - Die!

September 29,1946 Death Rides the Merry-go-round

October 06,1946 [World Series]

October 13,1946 The Valley of Living Terror

October 20,1946 Blood Money

October 27,1946 Cave of the Zombies

November 03,1946 Murder for Blackmail

November 10,1946 The Corpse Without a Skin

November 17,1946 The Phantom of the Haunted Steeple

November 24,1946 Gang Doctor

December 01,1946 Makeup for Murder

December 08,1946 The Devil Takes a Wife

December 15,1946 Murders on the Main Stem

December 22,1946 The Fine Art of Murder

December 29,1946 Shadow of Suspicion

January 05,1947 The Werewolf of Hamilton Mansion

January 12,1947 The Cat and the Killer

January 19,1947 A Game of Murder

January 26,1947 Death by Imagination

February 02,1947 The Scent of Death

February 09,1947 Murder Marriage

February 16,1947 Death Takes the Long Count

February 23,1947 The Witch of the Crescent Moon

March 02,1947 Devil Fans the Flames

March 09,1947 Mystery Ship

March 16,1947 Murder by Appointment

March 23,1947 Death by Clockwork

March 30,1947 Crime in a Minor Key

April 06,1947 The Great White Way to Death

April 13,1947 Death Is the Keeper

April 20,1947 Murder Express

April 27,1947 Death Stakes a Handout

May 04,1947 Suicide League

May 11,1947 The Shadow's Revenge

May 18,1947 Death Rides High

May 25,1947 Seance with Death

June 01,1947 Spider Boy (Originally broadcast November 11, 1945)

September 07,1947 The Phantom of the Lighthouse

September 14,1947 When the Grave Is Open

September 21,1947 The Face

September 28,1947 Death Takes the Wheel

October 05,1947 The Curse of the Gypsies

October 12,1947 [World Series]

October 19,1947 The Ruby of Karvahl

October 26,1947 Death Hunt

November 02,1947 Death Has Eight Arms

November 09,1947 Dream of Death

November 16,1947 Doom and the Limping Man

November 23,1947 The Comic Strip Killer

November 30,1947 Murder and the Medium

December 07,1947 Death Has Sharp Claws

December 14,1947 The Three Mad Sisters of Lonely Hollow

December 21,1947 A Gift of Murder

December 28,1947 The Terrible Legend of Crownshield Castle

January 04,1948 The Chill of Death

January 11,1948 The Bones of the Dragon

January 18,1948 Death and the Black Fedora

January 25,1948 The House That Death Built

February 01,1948 One Dead and Two to Go

February 08,1948 The Thing in the Cage

February 15,1948 The Terror at Wolf's Head Knoll

February 22,1948 The Nursery Rhyme Murders

February 29,1948 The Man Who Was Death

March 07,1948 The Beast of Darrow House

March 14,1948 Stake out

March 21,1948 Death Coils to Strike

March 28,1948 Death and the Easter Bonnet

April 04,1948 The Ghost That Gleams

April 11,1948 The Mystery of the Fatal Flowers

April 18,1948 The Geni and the Honourable Thieves

April 25,1948 The Dark Horse Called Death

May 02,1948 The Legend of the Living Swamp

May 09,1948 Reflection of Death

May 16,1948 The Giant of Madras

May 23,1948 Flight Through Darkness

May 30,1948 The Ruby of Karvahl (Originally broadcast October 19, 1947)

September 12,1948 Murder at Dead Man's Inn

September 19,1948 Revenge Is - Murder!

September 26,1948 Death Is a Coloured Dream

October 03,1948 The Phantom Racketeer

October 10,1948 A Mask for Murder

October 17,1948 Dead Man's Ride

October 24,1948 The Drum of Obi

October 31,1948 Murder by a Corpse

November 07,1948 Evil in the House

November 14,1948 Death and the Throttler of Havenmoor

November 21,1948 The Uncaged Terror

November 28,1948 The Wig Makers of Doom Street

December 05,1948 The Laughing Dead

December 12,1948 The Head of Doom

December 19,1948 The Lost Dead

December 26,1948 Murder Marked Merry Christmas

January 02,1949 Death and the Crown of Odalph

January 09,1949 The Disciple of Death

January 16,1949 The Sabbath of the Talons

January 23,1949 Death and the Double Cross

January 30,1949 The House of the Ravens

February 06,1949 The Half Dead Corpse

February 13,1949 Minotou the Avenger

February 20,1949 Trail of the Knifer

February 27,1949 Collectors of Death

March 06,1949 Until Death Do Us Part

March 13,1949 The Ring of Mahlalayee

March 20,1949 The Big Ace

March 27,1949 The Darkcliff Terror

April 03,1949 Creature of Darkness

April 10,1949 Hear No Evil

April 17,1949 Death and the Easter Bonnet (Originally broadcast March 28, 1948)

April 24,1949 Partners in Crime

May 01,1949 The Double Slug Killer

May 08,1949 The Buddha and the Snarling Dog

May 15,1949 Trial by Fire

May 22,1949 Murder Counts Ten

May 29,1949 Monkey Woman

June 05,1949 Preview of Terror

September 11,1949 The Secret of the Hidden Room

September 18,1949 The Big Break

September 25,1949 The Death Peddlers

October 02,1949 Death Tips the Odds

October 09,1949 The Phantom Rider

October 16,1949 [World Series]

October 23,1949 The Whispering Killer

October 30,1949 The House of Deadly Dreams

November 06,1949 The Bloody Alley Incident

November 13,1949 The Three Queens of Death

November 20,1949 Deadline

November 27,1949 The Man with No Face

December 04,1949 The Ghost from Chinatree

December 11,1949 Nightmare of the Ghouls

December 18,1949 The Slipper of Death

December 25,1949 The Christmas Ghost

January 01,1950 Resolution of Death

January 08,1950 The Monster of Blackmire

January 15,1950 The Bride of Death

January 22,1950 The Ritual of the Hoof

January 29,1950 The Girl and the Doomed Tiara

February 05,1950 Dead Head

February 12,1950 The Bride of the Knotted Cord

February 19,1950 The Man with the Burning Head

February 26,1950 The Stroke of Doom

March 05,1950 The Dynamite Dummy

March 12,1950 The Hound of the Long-dead Lady

March 19,1950 The Curse of the Great Nirvan

March 26,1950 The Four Forgotten Hours

April 02,1950 The Insidious Serpent

April 09,1950 The Case of the Curious Easter

April 16,1950 The Case of the Hanging Ghost

April 23,1950 Death Is Your Destination

April 30,1950 Night of Terror

May 07,1950 The Other World of Death

May 14,1950 The Guest Named Murder

May 21,1950 Murder by Scandal

May 28,1950 The Man out of Time

June 04,1950 Death and the Duchess

June 11,1950 ???????????

June 18,1950 Corpse in a Straw Hat

June 25,1950 The Lost Mind of Death

July 02,1950 ????????????

July 09,1950 The Mark of the Shark

July 16,1950 The Curious Corpse

July 23,1950 Date with Death

July 30,1950 The Big Boss

August 06,1950 The Trail of Treachery

August 13,1950 Death Strikes out

August 20,1950 ????????????????

August 27,1950 Murder on Wheels

September 03,1950 The Man Who Mailed Murder

September 10,1950 Ring of Death

September 17,1950 Death Plays a Repeat

September 24,1950 Messenger of Death

October 01,1950 The Fix

October 08,1950 [World Series]

October 15,1950 The Gambler

October 22,1950 The Chamber of Death

October 29,1950 The Ten Dollar Corpse

November 05,1950 The Gift of Gold

November 12,1950 Career in Crime

November 19,1950 Death Is a Double Shadow

November 26,1950 Flowers for the Corpse

December 03,1950 The Cobra

December 10,1950 The Forgotten Corpse

December 17,1950 The Broker of Treason

December 24,1950 Out by Christmas

December 31,1950 Murder by Midnight

January 07,1951 The Treasonous Triple Cross

January 14,1951 ????????????

January 21,1951 Double Death

January 28,1951 The Friday Fugue

February 04,1951 Man Trap

February 11,1951 Cargo of Death

February 18,1951 The Land Pirates

February 25,1951 The Lisp of Death

March 04,1951 Listed for Death

March 11,1951 The Unwilling Bridegroom

March 18,1951 The Bartering Bride

March 25,1951 The Sound of Poison

April 01,1951 The Golden Deceiver

April 08,1951 The Terror Squad

April 15,1951 The Thought of Murder

April 22,1951 Crime in Cash

April 29,1951 ?????????????

May 06,1951 Murder by a Hair

May 13,1951 Death Is a Quack

May 20,1951 Trial by Fire

May 27,1951 The Deadly Pawn

June 03,1951 The Red Chain

June 10,1951 The Curator of Murder

June 17,1951 The Twin-Engine Terror

June 24,1951 Terror in the Night

July 01,1951 The Loom of Death

July 08,1951 Crime on Wheels

July 15,1951 Death on the Diamond

July 22,1951 Swamp Creature

July 29,1951 Last Will and Testament

August 05,1951 The Death of Father Neptune

August 12,1951 Vacation from Murder

August 19,1951 The Ten Thousand Dollar Fish

August 26,1951 The Lively Corpse

September 02,1951 The Deadly Design

September 09,1951 The Absoloute Alibi

September 16,1951 The Curious Ottoman

September 23,1951 Invitation to Murder

September 30,1951 Bet with Death

October 07,1951 The Factory of Death

October 14,1951 A Mind for Murder

October 21,1951 The Deadly Bargain

October 28,1951 Revenge by Special Delivery

November 04,1951 The Final Curtain

November 11,1951 Record for Murder

November 18,1951 The Perilous Portrait

November 25,1951 The Sound of Dying

December 02,1951 The Dance of Death

December 09,1951 Material Witness

December 16,1951 The Search for the Rose Kiss

December 23,1951 The Doll with the Yellow Hair

December 30,1951 The Eve of Murder

January 06,1952 Time to Kill

January 13,1952 The Case of the Cardboard Club

January 20,1952 Journey to Danger

January 27,1952 Death Rides the Range

February 03,1952 The Memory of Murder

February 10,1952 Motive for Murder

February 17,1952 Murder by Proxy

February 24,1952 Vacation - with Death

March 02,1952 Murder on Time

March 09,1952 The Curious Mr. Jill

March 16,1952 The Fall Girl

March 23,1952 The Ghoul of Darkmoor

March 30,1952 Sometimes Death Wears Medals

April 07,1952 The High Death

April 13,1952 The Murderous Counterfeit

April 20,1952 The Blue Plague

April 27,1952 The White Eyes of Death

May 04,1952 The Black Pool

May 11,1952 Death Is the Master

May 18,1952 The Terror at Seacliff Castle

May 25,1952 Murder Always Kills Twice

June 01,1952 The Demon of Devil's Cove

June 08,1952 The Silent Killer

June 15,1952 Death Walks

June 22,1952 The Terrified Wife

June 29,1952 The Case of the Heavenly Body

July 06,1952 The Deadly Doll

July 13,1952 The Plans of Death

July 20,1952 The Curse of the Emerald Scarab

July 27,1952 The Mystery of the Murdering Host

August 03,1952 The Restless Corpse

August 10,1952 The Silent Watch of Death

August 17,1952 The Mad Dog Murders

August 24,1952 The Case of the Vanishing Baseball Player

August 31,1952 Death by Proxy

September 07,1952 The Eleventh Hour

September 14,1952 The Black Witch of Hightower

September 21,1952 The Mystery of Angkor Vat

September 28,1952 The Forest of Death

October 05,1952 [World Series]

October 12,1952 The Secret of the Grisly Coffin

October 19,1952 The Fourth Strike Is Death

October 26,1952 The Case of the Twisted Mystery

November 02,1952 ???????????????

November 09,1952 Death in a Glass House

November 16,1952 The Queen of Death

November 23,1952 The Fangs of Death

November 30,1952 The Dancing Doll of Death

December 07,1952 The Beast of Falcon Square

December 14,1952 Escape to Death

December 21,1952 The Case of the Santa Claus Killer

December 28,1952 Voyage into Darkness

January 04,1953 The Queen of Asia

January 11,1953 The Valley of the Black Totem

January 18,1953 The Man Who Died Four Times

January 25,1953 The Thing in the Cage

February 01,1953 The Chill of Death

February 08,1953 The Meteor

February 15,1953 Phone Call of Death

February 22,1953 Death by the Dozen

March 01,1953 Death Makes a Wish

March 08,1953 Rendezvous with Death

March 15,1953 ?????????????

March 22,1953 The Dark Cellar

March 29,1953 The Crying Kitten Killer

April 05,1953 The Marsh Murders

April 12,1953 The Death Master

April 19,1953 The Torch

April 26,1953 Rendezvous with Doom

May 03,1953 White Angel of Death

May 10,1953 Murder Will Speak

May 17,1953 The Case of the Living Dead

May 24,1953 The Shadow of a Doubt

May 31,1953 Auction of Death

June 07,1953 The Ring of Zanlaghora

June 14,1953 The Howling Beast

June 21,1953 The Invisible Weapon

June 28,1953 Policy of Death

July 05,1953 One Shoe off or The Curse of the Red-headed Corpse

July 12,1953 Full House for Murder

July 19,1953 Killer of the Stone Jungle

July 26,1953 Three must Die

August 02,1953 Hex - Marks the Spot

August 09,1953 The Kidnapped Equation

August 16,1953 A Smuggler's Secret

August 23,1953 Green Star of Lhasa

August 30,1953 Death Rings a Requiem

September 06,1953 Chalice of Quetzecoatl

September 13,1953 Stand-in for Murder

September 20,1953 The Mystery of the Stage Door Killer

September 27,1953 ??????????????

October 04,1953 Death from the East

October 11,1953 Murder at the Coliseum

October 18,1953 Death and the Twin Cadavers

October 25,1953 The Hangman's Noose

November 01,1953 Murder and the Ghost of Vengeance

November 08,1953 Mystery of the Man-eating Marsh

November 15,1953 The Gray Ghost

November 22,1953 To Be or Not to Be Dead

November 29,1953 Death and the Viking Groom

December 06,1953 The Curse of the Catletts

December 13,1953 The Grip of Death

December 20,1953 The Mask of Death

December 27,1953 The Little Big Shot

January 03,1954 ????????????????

January 10,1954 Phantom of the Swamp

January 17,1954 The Valley of Death

January 24,1954 Death Draws the Bow

January 31,1954 Death and the Terror at Ravenscote

February 07,1954 The Face of Death

February 14,1954 Murder of the Mind

February 21,1954 The Terror at Catazan

February 28,1954 The Crawling Death

March 07,1954 Footprints of Death

March 14,1954 I.O.U. Death

March 21,1954 Voice of Death

March 28,1954 Death in the Deep

April 04,1954 Murder Walks by Night

April 11,1954 Struggle with Death

April 18,1954 Bells of Saint Peter's

April 25,1954 The Horror in the Night

May 02,1954 The Defender

May 09,1954 The Manhunter

May 16,1954 The Model Murder

May 23,1954 The Orchid

May 30,1954 Master of Torture

June 06,1954 The Vision of Death

June 13,1954 Temple of Death

June 20,1954 Death Paints a Picture

June 27,1954 The Vengeance of Angela

July 04,1954 Death by Chapter

July 11,1954 Death Rides the Subway

July 18,1954 Death and the Conjure Man

July 25,1954 The Case of the Dead Man's Shoes

August 01,1954 Murder in the Sun

August 08,1954 The Case of the Vanishing Killer

August 15,1954 Murder in C Sharp

August 22,1954 The Eyes of the God

August 29,1954 The Blackball Murder

September 05,1954 Heartbeat of Death

September 12,1954 No Corpse for the Killer

September 19,1954 The Nightmare Combination

September 26,1954 Visions of Death

October 03,1954 The Cult of Death

October 10,1954 Murder Before the Storm

October 17,1954 The Hands of Death

October 24,1954 Tunnel of Terror

October 31,1954 The Final Hour

November 07,1954 The Long Arm of Death

November 14,1954 The Corpse with the Lying Face

November 21,1954 The Cross Currents of Death

November 28,1954 ????????????????

December 05,1954 Murder by Proxy

December 12,1954 The Cloth of Death

December 19,1954 Happy Doomsday

December 26,1954 Murder by the Sea

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